Terra Verde Communities, LLC, is a real estate development, investment, and advisory firm serving the Washington, D.C., area and Mid-Atlantic region. The firm specializes in transit-oriented development, multifamily properties, FHA financing, and green building. With many years of experience with local governments, the firm is well equipped to manage complex public-private partnerships and financing structures.

The founder of Terra Verde Communities, Mr. Thomas M. Farasy, is also engaged with two other important ventures – Corner Media (www.cornermedia.com) and the Purple Rail Alliance (www.purplerailalliance.org). Glanz.tv delivers just-in-time visual digital advertising where and when it matters most—in the heart of high-traffic retail and commercial environments.  The Purple Rail Alliance is a broad coalition of parties interested in creating a Metro Purple Rail line that helps adjacent communities thrive economically, residentially, and culturally.

To learn about any of these initiatives, please contact 301-704-1495.

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